I am Happy Hollow

I am Happy Hollow

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart Foundation

“Happy Hollow is one of the treasures in my home state of Indiana. For almost 60 years, this camp has provided incredible experiences to kids whose families know economic hardship or to children who have special medical needs. My foundation supports their opportunity to simply be a kid, gain self-esteem and have fun!”

Jose, Isabel, and Sarai
Happy Campers, 2009-2010

Isabel: “I love hiking at Happy Hollow and I like making new friends.”

Jose: “I like Happy Hollow because you can learn, have fun, and make new friends. My favorite part is the nature center.”

Sarai: “Everything there is fun!”

Mom: “Happy Hollow has been great for my family. As a former staff member I was so excited for my children to have the opportunity to go as campers. We still sing camp songs all through the year!

Laurie Davies
Camp Counselor, 2003-2005

“Happy Hollow is a place where both children and adults can leave their current lives behind and escape to the beauty of nature. This camp changes the lives not only of the campers but also the staff members with its unique experiences…”

Visit  Lend a Hand to learn ways to support Happy Hollow’s mission to serve local children.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us or call (317) 638-3849!

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